Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Training

In Air rifle or pistol shooting training is provided by shooting ranges or academy with instruction of coach. Coach helps to shooters in improving their target with better accuracy and performance by discussing their omits, lose points and improving them.


In gun training course students learn different – different varieties of rifle and pistol targets. Shooting Sports divided in distance of targets like 10m, 25m, 50m and firearms with Indoor and Outdoor practices.

Know about Rifle Shooting

Rifle air gun is available with long rifle barrel and always requires both hands to hold it at fire time and it’s very popular in India for 10m, 20m, 50m. Here are few important things about Rifle Sports in India.

  • Rifle is very popular sports and used by most of Shooting range and their shooters in India.
  • Benchrest shooting is also a part of shooting sports in this rifleman sitting on a chair with appropriate height and hit the target.
  • Long range competitions are also applicable in rifle shooting with range of 100m, 200m, 300m to 1000m and more high ranges.
  • 10m shooting is most popular in rifle sports with full bore and small bore in India.
  • It’s also used in hunting and most of sniper use rifle not pistol.
  • Cowboy action shooting are concerned with shooting replica guns.
  • Rifle is easy to shoot with proper target at small range as compare to Pistol targets.
  • Snipers rifles, Ex-military rifles and civilian commonly use service Rifle for competitions.

Pistol Shooting Details

Pistol shooting are also known as handguns small in size as compare to rifle and can easy to carry with one hand. Here are more about pistol shooting based in India.

  • Most of time pistol are used to target small ranges.
  • They are easy to carry but their targets are not much accurate then rifle.
  • In ISSF its very popular sports and its competitions are held in Olympic, Asian Games, national level and International level championship for India Shooters.
  • Hand and body stability should be more accurate then pistol.
  • Pistol shooting is available with indoor and outdoor shooting competition.

What you get in Shooting Sports Training

  • How to handle your shooting guns, better carry?
  • Learn all basic about shooting, tips and tricks.
  • How to hit the target with more accuracy?
  • Necessary exercise for warm up and improve body / hand stability.
  • Concentration and fight with stress in big competition.

Guru Dronacharya Shooting academy Gurgaon provide world class shooting training in 10m air rifle and pistol with basic to advanced level. All shooters are most welcome in our shooting range for practice their shooting aims. If you are interested then feel free to contact us through contact form or given contact number.